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Mtn Party’s Baber objects to exclusion from debate

A third-party candidate for governor in West Virginia is standing firm in his objection to being excluded from a TV debate. The Mountain Party candidate says he is disappointed by the decision of the West Virginia Broadcasters Association.
Mountain Party candidate Bob Henry Baber says he stopped by Charleston’s Clay Center, site of Tuesday night’s debate, but was asked to leave what was described as a “private party.”

Baber says he considers the choice to exclude him, and other third party candidates, from the debate a matter of deciding for West Virginians which candidates they should hear.

“That is not what we, as Americans, believe in. We believe in letting everybody get up on their soapbox and say what they’re gonna say. We may not like it. We may disagree with it. We’re not gonna vote for ‘em, maybe but we want them to have that right.”

Michele Crist, Executive Director of the broadcasters’ association, told the Charleston Gazette, the debate is a “news event” and said the association has the right to produce an event and “design our own content.”

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